2014 Bel-Air Film Festival has ended

Kelly Carter

Kelly Carter, Producer, Actor, Singer-Songwriter
Kelly Carter began in film as an actor as a young teen then took a detour from the arts by way of college sports but came back around and graduated as a Theater Major at Columbia College, Chicago. He is also a Martial Arts Master Professor that pursued MMA which ended from injury. MMA brought him to LA, which accompanied with his training and holistic healthcare methods were the gateway into the film world as a trainer to the Stars. Through this experience he worked on such films as Oliver Stone’s “Alexander” as an action performance actor and fight choreographer and “Sin City” and Tarantino’s “Jango” as a trainer. He has worked as an actor, stunt man, fight choreographer, fight trainer, you name it, it all taught him much about filmmaking. This experience led him here as a Co- Producer of “Road Hard” and off to produce more projects.